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  • Site Selection- We identify locations that match our client’s needs and that are suitable for development.
  • Site Studies- We conduct environmental, regional, and neighborhood analysis, linkage analysis, and highest and best use studies
  • Property Acquisition- Once a suitable site is located; we will negotiate and acquire the site at the best terms possible.
  • Capital Funding- Our established network of lenders allows us to obtain capital at competitive rates for our investors.
  • Master Planning and Land Use Entitlements- We work closely with local government authorities to ensure that each stage of the development process is approved as timely as possible.
  • Development Team- We will draw on our network of architects, civil engineers, and legal advisors to create a development team that will deliver your project on time and on budget. With our approach, Gonzalez Longoria will collaborate with each member of the development team through the entire development process, closely monitor the budgeting and bidding of the project, and ensure that the suppliers and contractors we have hired are competitively priced, finish each job at or below budget, and that all work is completed as agreed to with warranties.
  • Project Management- Throughout the development process, we will provide a complete, accurate accounting of all disbursements made to the contractors, manage holdbacks as needed, and conduct lien searches to verify that all vendors have been paid as agreed.
  • Closing Documents- Once your project is complete and before final funds disbursement have been made, we will obtain all warranties from our team of contractors and suppliers.